Trends in What Employees Want From Work

In recent blogs, I point out the trends of declining employee engagement and the rise in percentage of workers (now over 50%) that are considering leaving their positions.  I have urged strengthening relationships, shifting from a supervision model to a coach model and increasing the frequency of one-on-one interactions.  But I got to thinking, how has what employees want from work shifted?  Well, I asked ChatGPT, and here is what I learned that is noteworthy (findings as of January ’22):

  1. The demand for flexibility in work arrangements continues to grow.  This is continuing post-COVID and includes remote work options, flexible work schedules and the ability to maintain work-life balance.
  2. Well-being and mental health support.  This trend was new to me and includes wellness programs that address stress and the like.
  3. Career development and learning continues to grow in importance.
  4. Diversity, equity and inclusion programs that seek the best talent.  Again, a recent add to the priority list.
  5. Purpose and meaningful work.  This one is not new and is about feeling a part of something that adds value to our world.
  6. Technology and tools.  No surprise.
  7. Work environment and culture, including transparency, collaboration, trust and communication
  8. Competitive compensation and benefits.  As I have noted previously, employees are increasingly concerned about fairness in exchange for what they contribute to organizational success.

The takeaway from all of this for me, is that intangibles and organizational culture issues continue to grow in importance.  A new definition and model of leadership/supervision will be required to meet the emerging needs of employees.  

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