In this video, William Dann discusses his journey from personal experiences to writing a book on effective management, focusing on addressing the need for improved people management skills and advocating for regular one-on-one meetings to enhance employee engagement and managerial proficiency.

Uncertainty leads to managers not addressing underperformance, not maximizing the potential of good performers, and not finding satisfaction in people management.



Wiliam Dann

Bill is the founder of Professional Growth Systems, which he established in 1981. He is also author of Creating High Performers, 7 Questions to Ask Your Direct Reports and the co-creator of The Question Method®️.

John Gregoire

John is a seasoned facilitator that brings a suite of training and development tools to the PGS table. He is also the Co-creator of The Question Method®️.

Erin Bellotte

Erin is a demonstrated leader in manufacturing operations with a passion for process improvement, organizational strategy, and employee development.

Chris Dykes

Chris has developed team members into strong leaders, coached organizations’ staff and leadership on productive management techniques, and grown individuals into effective teams that produce real results.

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